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The “Regulator”, the old wind-up clock that hangs behind the Town Office service counter, has be re-regulated. It was stopped more than it ran which was noted by many residents, so we asked John Hannington to give it a once over. Mr. Hannington repairs old clocks, both as a hobby and a part time vocation (note: we went full time in February 2004) . His “Family Time Clock Shoppe” is set up in his barn at 45 Center Drive.

            The clock was not in bad condition. But after years of tender loving care at the hands of retired Town Clerk, Carole Hardin, we thought it would be a good idea to have it cleaned and inspected before the new custodians started winding it.

            Mr. Hannington spent several hours researching the clock on the internet, then gave it a thorough cleaning and replaced some bushings. He also instructed the staff on how to set, wind and maintain the clock.

            The Hanningtons moved to town last year, purchasing the Dr. King homestead. Mr. Hannington declined payment for his services, noting that he was happy to donate the services to his new home town. The Town Office maintains a list of goods and services available right here in Orrington. The “Family time Clock Shoppe” will be added to that list.

            Thank you John for the good service. We welcome you and your family to Orrington.

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